Isnin, 27 Oktober 2014

100 peserta sertai kursus khas JPAM- Akademi Latihan Pertahanan Awam Malaysia ( ALPHA )

It's always a treat at 8Share!

They want to give you RM3,000 in exchange for your crazy 'Love Tweaks' ideas. No kidding!

Before you decide to buy your next flight ticket, why not try to get it for FREE first?

Could you be lying if you say you've never done any of these when you were a kid?

These people have seriously taken selfies to a whole new level... Would you dare do #6?

To all Instagram junkies: This hashtag will give you the power to win RM10,000!

Do you know how damaged your hair is? Take this test.

Irresistible Reasons Why Malaysians Should Totally Get This Car Before 31st October

Take any of these VW cars for a drive, win a brand NEW Scirocco. No kidding!

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